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Caspar being a slut on twitter


You know, I was watching Musical Mondays on your channel like I do every night… [x]
Preferences: When you ask them to get rid of a spider...
  • Alfie: He acts manly but inside he is as terrified as a baby penguin! It takes him about 30 minutes to get the spider, but you give him a kiss for his effort!
  • Caspar: He asks everybody to 'clear the room'. He boldly catches the spider and kills it, making sure you are safe!
  • Finn: He tells you there's no way he's getting it! You both go and try to catch it together, but it turns into a screaming fest of terror, so Finn's little sister Emmy has to catch it!
  • Jack: He is used to crickets and other insect, so it's nothing for him. He just catches it and makes sure it makes a safe journey out of the house.
  • Marcus: He is as scared as you are but he puts on a brave face. As he tries to get it he kills the spider on accident, solving the problem!
  • Sam: He catches it in 2 seconds, putting it in a cage keeping it as a pet!